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There’s a basic secret for losing weight: burn more calories than you take in.  Seems easy, right? But losing weight without hurting your body, and then keeping that weight off for life, means understanding your metabolism now, and in the future.  That’s why Connexus Clinic offers Metabolic Analysis in Fairhope.

The sad fact is that roughly 90% of people who lose a large amount of weight regain it back within a few years—or sooner.  A metabolic analysis can help you understand how your body uses calories, and how you can adapt to the changes it undergoes during and after weight loss. It also helps athletes understand how to get maximum results for their effort!

Connexus Clinic has partnered with DexaFit Fairhope for metabolic analysis. To learn more about RMR and VO2 Max testing visit DexaFit’s website.

RMR Testing https://www.dexafit.com/services/rmr-metabolic-test

VO2 Max Testing https://www.dexafit.com/services/vo2-max-testing

The Procedure

Metabolic Analysis

What it Does

A Metabolic Analysis in Mobile at Connexus Clinic accurately measures the following:

Your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). Discover how many calories your body burns while not active.
Maximum Oxygen Volume (Max VO2). This tells you what kind of fuel (fat or sugar/carbs) your body uses at certain heart rates. This is important to know depending on your fitness goals.

Procedure Time

15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on what’s being measured


Female and Male
18 and older
Some tests may require physical exertion, so your current physical/health condition may preclude some parts of the analysis.

Recovery & Downtime

A metabolism analysis in Mobile requires absolutely no recovery or downtime.

Metabolic Analysis

What to Expect?


When you come to Connexus Clinic for Metabolic Analysis in Fairhope, your provider will discuss what your goals are, and what you expect this data to help accomplish. If it's appropriate for your situation, we'll schedule it!

The Analysis

During your metabolic analysis, you'll undergo 2 different phases of testing: Your Resting Metabolic Rate. You will lie recline comfortably for a period while Connexus Clinic measures the calories your body burns. Testing time is 10-12 minutes. Your Maximum Oxygen Volume (Max VO2). In this phase you'll walk/jog on a treadmill, which will grow progressively more difficult. Measuring your calorie consumption during this phase helps understand the heart rate where your body burns the most fat, and where peak performance is attained. Testing time is 10-20 minutes

Next Steps

Once all the analysis data is returned, you and your Connexus Clinic provider can begin to design a healthy, holistic plan to achieve your weight loss and/or athletic goals.

Why try Metabolic Analysis in Fairhope?



Part of a metabolic analysis at Connexus Clinc only requires that you rest comfortably! There will be some testing of your metabolism during progressively more challenging exertion—but not beyond your limitations, and not for a prolonged period.



When you fully understand how your body burns calories, you can adjust your diet plans, your exercise regimen, and your expectations accordingly. Healthy weight loss isn't magic, it's science put into motion.



Metabolic analysis in Fairhope provides concrete data for your weight loss journey, and your exercise productivity. The fact is, your body's metabolism changes as your weight does, so having accurate information during this evolution significantly improves your ability to adapt and continue.

What to do before Metabolism Analysis in Fairhope from Connexus Clinic

To get the most accurate results possible, you should:

  • Be hydrated. Your body needs to be able to function at its most normal, baseline level, so make sure you’ve had at least two cups of water in the four hours before your testing.
  • Watch what you eat, and when. The day before the test, don’t eat excessively sweet or fatty meals.  Don’t eat four hours prior to the test.  It’s even better if you begin fasting after your dinner the previous evening.
  • Keep track of  your temperature & pulse. Measure and record both for 5 days before your metabolic analysis.
  • Don’t drink coffee or caffeinated beverages for two hours prior to the test.
  • Don’t smoke for two hours before the test.
  • Don’t engage in excess physical activity for 24 hours before the test.

Benefits of Metabolic Analysis in Fairhope

  • Healthy weight loss. Design a diet and exercise plan that completely fits your body’s abilities and needs.
  • Accurate adjustments.  As you achieve certain levels of your goals, your body changes. Understanding its new level of metabolic function allows you to adjust your diet & exercise to match and continue achieving healthy results.
  • Better, safer exercise. Knowing where your muscles start to fatigue the most gives you a target level to stay under. This allows you to exercise longer, for more weight loss and leaner/stronger muscles. Plus it keeps you from over-exerting, which could injure muscles and keep you from hitting your exercise time goals.
  • Supportive decisions. Now you’ll have real, accurate, and dependable information for making decision about your lifestyle habits that support your goals. No fads, no generalizations, you’ll know what will work best for you!

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