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Training with Proteus’ patented 3D Resistance is safer, more efficient, and more effective than traditional resistance training tools.

No more switching weights or machines. Because Proteus can move in any direction, this one machine can give you a true full body workout. The workouts are fast, fun, and never the same.

Whether you are an athlete looking to get an edge for performance or someone needing a low impact workout for injury recovery, the Proteus will deliver!

Proteus gives data you need to improve your performance. Full user reports will let you know where you need improvement and recommendations on what to do.

For more info on the Proteus visit https://proteusmotion.com/



Benefits of 3D Resistance Training in Fairhope

  • Healthy weight loss. Studies have shown time and time again that resistance training to build muscle helps you lose weight more effectively than cardio. 3D resistance engages muscles throughout the entire range of motion so you burn more calories in a shorter amount of time.
  • Saves time. Because you are engaging your muscles in the most efficient manner possible at all times, you are able to achieve maximum results in a fraction of the time. Sessions last 12-15 minutes
  • Better, safer exercise. There is no weight that can ever fall on you. If you stop, the machine stops. This makes it safe for people of any age or physical condition. This also allows for a low impact or no impact workouts.
  • Scientifically proven. The data that the Proteus gives you in unmatched in the fitness industry. It gives detailed reports on strength and power for specific areas of the body.
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