Who We Are

The Search for Better

Three years ago, both Blake Martin and Dr. Terry, unaware of each other’s struggles, were facing similar health challenges in their late 30s. As former athletes, they had continued to exercise throughout adulthood, but the demands of raising children, demanding careers, and stress had left them feeling constantly fatigued. Despite their active lifestyles, they were not feeling their best.

In search of a solution, they began experimenting with different methods to improve their overall well-being. As they saw improvements in their energy levels and performance, they knew they were on the right track. In February 2022, they came together and the concept of the Connexus Clinic was formed. Now in their early 40s, they are performing at levels they hadn’t seen since their teenage years. It is their mission to help others who don’t want to accept the decline that often comes with aging.

A Trusted Resource

We understand it can be difficult it is to talk about health issues, especially when it comes to weight loss and body image. But at Connexus Clinic, we provide a safe and compassionate environment where you can talk to us about the problem and feel good knowing that we can find a solution. There is so much information available now sometimes it is hard to know what is valid. We are here to talk through your questions and do our best to provide the answers you are looking for. 

We don’t judge. We don’t embarrass. We’re just here to be your trusted guide to help Live Better, Look Better, and Perform Better… LONGER.

Restoring Confidence

A big part of joyful intimacy is confidence in yourself and in your body.

Whatever your ideal is, we’re here to help you achieve it. Whether that means helping you lose weight, regain sculpt your body, or just feel better overall, Connexus Clinic is your total solution for increasing your Healthspan.

Our Core Values

Practice what we Preach

No one is perfect and every health journey is different. All team members at Connexus stive to get better every day at living our mission to increase our Healthspan, living a longer, healthier life.


You before Me

We put the needs of others before our own

Never Settle

Each day is opportunity to get better. If we fail today, we get up and try again tomorrow

Patient and Kind

Because we know that everyone is fighting their own unique battles

Transforming your health is just a click away