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Musculoskeletal pain can keep you awake at night, and unable to function during the day. When your muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves—even bones—constantly ache, life can almost seem unbearable. TotalWave Therapy in Mobile addresses musculoskeletal pain for a better quality of life.

TotalWave Therapy carries high energy waves to where the pain is, promoting your body’s natural ability to regenerate and repair damaged tissue. The non-invasive, office-based treatments can help you get back to better sleep, improved mobility, and less pain! ESWT, or shockwave as it is often called has been used to treat pain for over 30 years. It is a fantastic treatment for those who are looking for pain relief with NO surgery, NO downtime, NO side effects, and NO risks.

The Procedure

TotalWave Therapy

What it Treats

TotalWave Therapy treats musculoskeletal pain in the following areas:
Upper extremities
Lower extremities
Feet & ankles

And more.

Procedure Time

3 to 6 treatment sessions at 1 per week
Each session lasts 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the number of treatment areas


Female or Male
18 or older

Recovery & Downtime

You should be able to return to normal daily activities immediately after your TotalWave Therapy treatment.

Depending on the treatment we may recommend that you refrain from activities that stress the treatment area for 48 hours.

TotalWave Therapy

What to Expect?


When you come to Connexus Clinic for TotalWave Therapy in Mobile, we will discuss where and how you're experiencing pain and mobility issues. You'll also go over your medical history and current lifestyle. This way they have a full picture of what could be causing your pain, and what's stopping your body from healing it. If TotalWave Therapy is the right treatment option, you'll schedule your first treatment.


During TotalWave Therapy in Mobile, you'll relax as your provider uses a specialized TotalWave acoustic applicator to send energy into the treatment area. This accomplishes a number of therapeutic and healing processes.

Next Steps

After treatment, most patients experience immediate pain relief, greatly reducing or eliminating that pain. It usually takes multiple treatments for maximum benefit. Your provider will also track inflammation in the treatment areas, and your mobility, to ensure the therapeutic effectiveness of TotalWave Therapy.

Why try Total Wave Therapy in Mobile?



As a completely non-invasive treatment, TotalWave Therapy at Connexus Clinic provides effective relief and healing from musculoskeletal pain and injury.



The benefits of the acoustic wave penetration not only alleviates pain, it heals trauma and injury by increasing blood flow, helping to build new blood vessels, and drawing stem cells to the treatment area.



Most patients experience pain relief immediately after treatment!

Before receiving TotalWave Therapy in Mobile at Connexus, we recommend:

  • Wear comfortable clothing. Depending on your treatment area, you may be required to assume different positions for the most effective delivery of the TotalWave Therapy acoustic energy.
  • Don’t use pain-relief drugs for at least two weeks before your first treatment. It’s unfortunate, but these pain-management drugs could cause unwated side effects during your therapy. Once TotalWave Therapy treatments start, you should feel drastic improvement in or elimination of pain.
  • Continue your other therapies. TotalWave Therapy is part of an overall wellness regimen to not only eliminate the pain, but to keep it from returning.
  • Ask questions.  The more you understand how TotalWave Therapy in Mobile works for pain relief, and how to support your results afterwards, the better you can achieve optimum results.

To properly care for and get the most out of TotalWave Therapy in Mobile, we recommend following after your sessions:

  • Drink plenty of water. Your body will go to work immediately building new tissue and new blood vessels in the treatment area, along with your lymphatic system removing toxins and disrupted tissues. Make sure your body has enough hydration to do what it does best—heal!
  • Stay active. Movement is healthy. It keeps joints more limber, and gets blood flowing better for increased oxygenation. After TotalWave Therapy you don’t want to overdo it with high-impact or aggressive exercise, but walking and gentle-stretching have therapeutic value in and of themselves.
  • Eat healthy. Processed foods in general, and refined sugar in specific, contribute to issues such as Inflammation, joint pain, general fatigue, and more. Pay attention to what you eat, and try to choose the foods that benefit your body.
  • Follow through on all treatments. TotalWave Therapy usually requires 3 to 6 treatment sessions over the same number of weeks. During each session results are assessed so that effectiveness can be maximized.

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