The Connexus Clinic is absolutely wonderful. Rebecca, my nurse, was very knowledgeable and welcoming, and her colleague Amber also made sure I was comfortable and at ease during my treatment. If you want to learn how to sculpt your body with cold lasers, rejuvenate your muscles with targeted therapy, or just relax in a private sauna, you need to visit the Connexus clinic. You won’t regret investing in yourself!

October 22, 2022

Fantastic experience today at Connexus Clinic. Staff is great and very experienced. 10/10 recommend Connexus Clinic to everyone in Baldwin/Mobile counties!

November 9, 2022

This place is amazing. They made me feel as if I were family. PLUS I have lost nearly 20lbs in my 4th session.
I have tried many diets, weight loss programs, diet supplements and pills. Nothing has worked like the emerald treatments.
I am elated.
They also offer other wellness living services. If it works for me it will work for anyone!!! Come to the clinic for an OPEN HOUSE on Nov 17. I’ll be there and I can’t wait to share my story..
I recommend this location if you want support, honesty and are ready to find a healthier you. I promise you will be in good hands.

October 15, 2022

Awesome staff! Nurse Becky always greets patients with a smile, and has a vast knowledge of men’s health.

October 3, 2022


"I'm just so excited. I don't know how to tell you anymore than that, that this thing works! The first few treatments I felt a little difference but I couldn't swear by it. But right at the end (of the treatments) I can say that it absolutely worked! And I'm not going to stop. This chair has changed my life!

September 19, 2022


This is my 3rd treatment on the Emsella chair and I am just very pleased with my results already. I came expecting results and I'm getting them!

September 21, 2022


"It used to be when I had to go potty it was already too late. Now I can just take my time to get there and I have only done 3 treatments. I am really looking forward to doing the rest! This is a wonderful clinic."

Peptides For Growth Hormones

"I have been taking CJC-1295 (Growth Hormone Peptide) for 3 months now. At age 40 I am lifting heavier weights and my running times are faster than they have ever been. My energy levels stay sustains throughout the day as well. This stuff is amazing"

January 21, 2023

Peptides For Libido

"That peptide for the bedroom really works! It made me feel things that I haven't felt in years. We had a real happy New Year's!"

January 4, 2023

Peptide Therapy

"BPC-157 is amazing. After months of treatment and therapy for my hip I just could not get the pain to go away. After a week I am virtually pain free."

"The Ballancer Pro is AMAZING!! I was hooked after 5 minutes. It feels so good and is so relaxing. I can't believe all of the health benefits that you get from it as well. I'll be back once a week to do this forever."

"The Emsella chair is truly revolutionary and is one of the most effective treatments I have experienced from literally the first treatment! It absolutely hands-down WORKS! I wanted to cry happy tears when I sneezed or coughed and had NO leaking! For years I have been told by my gynecologist there was nothing that could be done and that this was "normal". I didn't even know what feeling normal was. Amazing treatment that everyone should try. Thank you Dr. Terry and staff for bringing in this incredible technology."