Dexa Scan for Full Body Composition Analysis in Fairhope

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Getting physically fit means understanding your body inside and out. The more you know, the more you can evaluate what you’re doing, and make changes to achieve the best results for your hard work. Connexus Clinic has the only Dexa scanner with full body composition analysis software in the Gulf Coast region. A Dexa Full Body Composition Scan in Fairhope can help you truly understand where you are, so you can plan to reach where you want to be!

Your Dexa scan at Connexus Clinic can help you track your progress for fitness by capturing even very subtle changes in your body shape and size. It provides even more concrete information for medical professionals.

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The Procedure

Dexa Scan

What it Treats

A Dexa full body composition scan in Fairhope at Connexus Clinic helps you:
Define your body fat composition
Alert you to levels of visceral fat
Define lean muscle mass
See your bone health and osteoporosis risk
Identify risk for cardiovascular disease
Identify risk for Type 2 diabetes
Achieve weight loss goals
Focus on trouble spots
Provide both a target and motivation for future goals

Procedure Time

The scan itself takes 6-7 minutes.


Female and Male
18 and older

Recovery & Downtime

A Dexa Full Body Composition Scan requires absolutely no recovery or downtime. You can wear regular clothing. You will just remove all metal.

Your results are ready within minutes.

Dexa Full Body Composition Scan

What to Expect?


We will have a brief consultation to make sure that getting a Dexa scan is right for you.

The Scan

During your scan, you will lay down flat on the scanner and stay as still as possible. This scanner is open, unlike a MRI or CT scan. It is very relaxing. The scan takes 6-7 minutes to complete.

Next Steps

Within 2 to 3 minutes, your data will be uploaded, and a report will be ready. We will either go over the report then or if you a also doing metabolic testing, we will go over the report once testing is completed.

Why try a Dexa Full Body Composition Scan in Fairhope?



A Dexa full body composition scan is simple and easy! Lay down for 6-7 minutes and you're done!



Dexa scans are the gold standard for full body composition and bone density measurements. Every body composition device and technology in the market benchmarks its accuracy to the results of a Dexa scan. This is also what every major research institution uses to measure full body composition.



Using the results from your Dexa full body composition scan in Fairhope at Connexus Clinic, you can confidently measure your progress, and make truly informed decisions for advancing toward your goals.

Benefits of a Dexa Full Body Composition Scan in Fairhope from Connexus Clinic:

  • Accurate measurements. Dexa scans are considered the gold standard for body composition measurements by every major research institution in the world.
  • True results. Dexa full body composition scan in Fairhope tells you what a scale can’t. For example, you might lower your fat percentage even if the scale doesn’t go down.
  • Convenience. This assessment only takes 6-7 minutes to complete, and doesn’t require calipers, tapes, or underwater measuring.
  • Immediacy. You’ll get your results within 2 to 3 minutes, so that you can immediately make adjustments to your health, wellness, and fitness plans.
  • Motivation.  Seeing your progress—or lack of progress—can be greatly motivating. If you’re achieving goals, this gives you immediate feedback on your success. If your plans aren’t achieving goals, a Dexa full body scan can immediately help you alter course and find an improved plan or utilize other treatments to get you closer to success.

How to prepare for a Dexa Full Body Composition Scan in Fairhope:

  • Try not to eat a large meal within 3-4 hours before the test. Water and a small meal are fine.
  • Wear whatever clothing you like as long as it does not have an excessive amount of metal.
  • Don’t wear jewelry. Also, if you have long hair it should be tied up in a bun.
  • Bloating/allergy. Try not to consume food or drink within 2 to 3 days before your scan that cause you allergic reactions or bloating.
  • Be prepared to lie still for a short time. The scan is only a few minutes in duration but does require you to lie still as the scanning arm moves above you.

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